In the name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful
Assalaamu Alaikum,

Welcome to the online home of unique hijab pins.

We are an independent family fun business proud to be showcasing exclusive hijab/scarf pins, hijab accessories, brooch pins and other fashion accessories.  Our goods are the highest quality and design. 
We sell the latest exclusive designs which are very popular with our customers. our pins are unique pieces, 
Most of our goods have been designed buy ourselves to help sisters beautify themselves while being modest at the same time. 
We sell exclusive items specially made for special occasions as well as casual wear.
Our items are available to buy ready made or may be custom made according to your requirements. 

Most of our design are put together by ourselves and have been made abroad.

Since Unique Hijab Pins has been established many have tried to copy our designs but failed due to poor  quality and lack of style!

Our products are frequently being updated with more up-to-date styles so keep checking for the latest designs.

We also have a facebook fanpage so if you are on facebook "like" us at :

As a muslim it is our duty to inform you that the islamic ruling on our hijab accessories is the same as normal jewellery.  The purpose of hijab is to conceal our adornments and not to gain attention,  Our hijab accessories do not meet these requirements, these items will attract attention so we do not recommend anyone to wear these to public places! Our intention for making these items is so that 
sisters can look beautiful without removing their hijaab on their wedding/a special occasions! some sisters do not feel comfortable taking off their hijab in women only events or family gatherings so our items are made especially for these events! we would like to remind our sisters that we do not promote anyone to wear these in front of non-mahrams, this is NOT hijaab. Everyone has their own opinions, but it is our duty to inform you of this. ♥


Thank You for visiting our website.

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